Family Law

We can mediate, negotiate, and litigate in an easy three step procedure to decide your condition. 

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Family Law

We know that a separation or divorce is very worrying and challenging. Dealing with these worrying situations needs professional solicitors with practical and optimistic approach. We can mediate, negotiate, and litigate in an easy three step procedure to decide your condition. We have solicitors specify working for divorce cases, cohabitation, separation, pre-nuptial contracts and all other relative issues, which includes financial clearances and all problems concerning to kids. We also have capability in Islamic Disputes and Divorce. We have high-class working preparations in place with the Muslim Adjudication Tribunal

Accommodation under the Children Act

Guidance for local authority’s states that accommodation provided under section 17 must be suitable for the children and families it is intended for. The direction recommends that social facilities consider mentioning to the stage on appropriate in the Homelessness Code of Guidance, and to work carefully with housing sectors. See Suitability of somewhere to live for more info on the issues, such as affordability and location that are applicable to suitability. Social services will essential to transfer out a valuation of the requirements of the child so that they can confirm accommodation presented is appropriate. Our family law team includes has a number of Accommodation under the Children Act specialists. We’ve helped many families through this process, and we regularly help people in complex situations

Adopting a child is a very special time in your life. As an adoptive parent, you'll take on the joy and responsibility of raising a child. The legal process of adoption means you'll take on responsibility for a child born to another person. So, if you're thinking about adopting, our family law solicitors can help. We'll explain your rights, responsibilities, and the adoption process. We'll help you through everything, from start to finish. With our support, the adoption will go as smoothly as possible - and we'll make sure you're informed every step of the way. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your family. We look at every angle, so you're completely covered. and know where you stand.

Child abduction

Families with influences to more than one nation face extra difficulties in the unfortunate occasion of an affiliation breakdown. The usual and clear response at such a hard time is regularly to need to coming back home to the country of basis with the kids. Our child abduction solicitors are able to represent parents both in this country and abroad in parental or international abduction cases. If your child has been taken without consent or you wish to move to oppose a former partner relocating with your child contact us and our parental abduction experts will be able to guide you and provide assistance about your rights.


It’s a popular myth that the law put on to common law husbands or wives or couples living together just as it does to married couples. According to the law no problem how extended a pair has been living together, they will not ever obtain the similar rights as a wedded couple. The difficult for couples of Cohabitations is that a lot of of them only discover this out when their association has wrecked down or died. Cohabiting pair are associates who live along but are not married or part of a civil partnership. Our team of dispute resolution solicitors are able to advise and contribution you in relation to any cohabitation dispute you may have.

Contact Order

A child Contact Order enforces the person who the child resides with to allow contact with someone else. The Court will consider whether the child should have regular contact with the other party to enable a continued relationship to exist between them.


A child Contact Order can be made to give children the right to see both of their parents. Our children law solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with any child access or child contact situation. In every child access matter the best interests of the child are always of the utmost importance and at MCR Solicitors our specialist family solicitors endeavor to resolve any access, contact or visitation issues in a timely manner reducing any emotional strain to an absolute minimum.


Decide on to get divorced is an enormous decision to make. Even though it is helpful to know your legal position, as part of the result, it is best to attention on your relationship before connecting a divorce solicitor is there any way of saving your marriage? Dealing with the failure of a relationship is difficult enough before you consider the legal problem many go through to find out what their choices are. Issue in rising legal costs and the process can be irresistible. Our professional team of divorce solicitors are able to help and backing couples who wish to begin divorce proceedings. Express your problems related Divorce to our experts privately.

Financial issues arising from divorce

A number of options are available when it comes to resolving financial issues, including negotiation through solicitors, mediation, collaborative law, arbitration or court. Every situation is different and there is generally a range of possible outcomes in every case. We are experienced in handling the full range of financial issues that arise upon divorce and separation. Whilst, in some situations, advice may be required in relation to the family home, pensions or maintenance issues, we have considerable expertise in handling cases involving business assets, farms or trusts, including cases with an international dimension.

Judicial Separation

Legal Separation is officially known a Judicial Separation. This is where a couple do not divorce but instead apply for a Decree of Judicial Separation. These are very occasional events and essentially means that though you are both realized as married, it is legally note down that you are no more as a couple. Our Family Law Team can advise you on your options regarding separation and can act for you in the event you wish to separate. For more information, or to book an initial meeting with one of our Solicitors, please contact our Family Law Team.

Matrimonial Financial Settlements

A financial disbursement is a lawfully binding result on how you and your spouse will division your assets and capital when your marriage finishes. We will look at your finances and lifestyle and make sure you get the best possible result. A range of factors are taken into account when deciding the terms. You do not essentially need to go to court but in few cases you have to contact court to reach a disbursement you could agree a consequence with your spouse through arbitration, negotiation. Our team includes skilled arbitrators and mediators, who can provide assistance you to get a rapid resolution. We effort with you to guarantee you recognize the process and feel relaxed with each decision.

Parental Responsibility

It is a parent’s responsibility to make suitable decisions in the interest of their children. If a choice is made for your children without your consent, or you are looking to gain parental responsibilities for your child, you should seek legal advice from MCR Solicitors. Our Solicitors can counsel you regarding Parental Responsibility, whether you have it, what it means and how a step parent can get it. Our specialist family law solicitors have assisted in many cases involving serious disagreements amongst parents. Disputes often arise from relationship breakdowns and fathers not being married to the mother of their child.

Pre-nuptial agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement is a contract a couple enter into before getting married. Sometimes referred to as each partner’s rights in regards to joint assets, including property, income, debts and inheritance, and how they’ll be divided up in the event of a marriage breakdown. We are well experienced to direct complex assets or financial interests connecting to former relationships, helping you to secure a pre-nuptial contract to suit your separate situation. At MCR Solicitors our experienced pre-nuptial solicitors have been advising wealthy individuals and their spouses on family law. we are at this point to director you over the process, confirming a positive and reasonable result for our clients in any condition.

Problems with Maintenance including Child Support Agency
Child Maintenance law is complex. Family lawyers who specialise in this area of law are tough to find and costly to hire. MCR Solicitors are specialists and have been dealing with child maintenance law. We are providing expert advice and direction, for all three schemes of child maintenance. Our responsibility is to provide reasonable help and make sure that the law is applied correctly when child maintenance decisions are made. Our team will provide clear thorough details to make sense of it all. Meet directly with one of our expert to discuss your case in detail. We can review your documents and provide suitable direction exactly for your case and your circumstances.

Residence Order
A residence order establishes where a child will live and a contact order sets out who the children should spend time with. Residence orders are now referred to as child arrangement orders in Court, but many people still refer to them as residence orders and contact orders. When parents do not agree on where a child should live after separation divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. Child residence or child custody disputes can be highly emotional situations for all the parties involved. Our specialist child solicitors have extensive experience in advising parents, grandparents and guardians on arrangements for children.

Separation Orders and Agreements
Separation agreements can sometimes be complex to confirm, and occasionally difficult to enforce. Dividing equally owned assets and making important decisions on complex issues such as children and family when emotions are already running high can be stressful for all parties. Our family law solicitors here at MCR Solicitors can help you with all aspects of a separation agreement. We know that this is a sensitive time for everybody involved, and we every time effort to make the procedure of separation as stress-free as possible. Our team will provide clear thorough details to make sense of it all. Meet directly with one of our expert to discuss your case in detail.

Domestic violence
Domestic violence is any case of frightening behavior, violence between adults who are or have been close partners or family members. Anyone can involvement domestic violence regardless of race, ethnicity, religious group, class, sexuality, disability or lifestyle. Our Domestic violence solicitors can deliver emergency assistance on how to defend you and any children involved. our professional family law solicitors will effort rapidly and sensibly to confirm you and your loved ones are safe. Meet directly with one of our expert to discuss your case in detail our team will provide clear thorough details to make sense of it all.



Spouse Visa applications are complex. It is best to consult an immigration specialist before you apply. Before you submit your application, you will need to make sure you meet the required requirements.

Fill out the appropriate forms and gather your evidence to submit. These forms should be comprehensive and show that you are serious about your relationship.

Also, you must not book travel until you have received a decision by the Home Office.

MCR Solicitors is a reputable law firm with a track record of successful cases. Our lawyers are also highly skilled in this area. For professional advice and no obligation, contact MCR Solicitors online.

No, you do not have to meet the English language requirement and financial requirement for extension of spouse visa under 10 years route.


The most common reasons for refusal of spouse visa renewal under 5 years route include the following:

  • Not meeting the financial requirement;
  • Not meeting the English language requirement;
  • Home Office UKVI not satisfied that the relationship with the British or settled spouse is still subsisting;
  • General grounds for refusal such as allegation by the Home Office UKVI of applicant using proxy for TOEIC test previously, making false representations, etc.

Your spouse’s or partner’s income can not be considered as part of your financial obligation unless they are legally allowed to work and live in the UK. The financial requirement can then be calculated based on household income.

Contact our team if you have any questions about how the law has changed in recent years.

You can appeal against a letter stating that your Spouse Visa has been denied. You will be informed by your letter of refusal if you are eligible for appeal. If you are eligible, you can submit additional evidence.

You will need to quickly appeal the decision or apply to another permit if you’re already in the UK. Avoiding the temptation to extend an expired status in immigration can lead to serious problems.