Flight Delay Claims

Flight delays can happen for a number of reasons, from an absence of accessible crew to mechanical problems.

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What is flight delay or cancel claims?

Flight delays can happen for a number of reasons, from an absence of accessible crew to mechanical problems. Return for delayed flights was recognized by European Regulation EC 261/04, ensuring up to €600 per passenger for flights delayed three hours or more. Even though 8 million people all over the world are entitled for compensation, less than 2% recognise what they're eligible to. It's time to Know Your Rights. Obviously an airline would fancy to avoid paying such a high amount of money, as well as get bogged down by a lengthy, official process. Airlines also desire to avoid an upset to their status. They therefore have several ways to evade paying. Delayed flight compensation claims can be avoided if an airline can prove the flight delay was caused by exceptional conditions beyond the airline's control. What is considered an excellent condition is specified by each country's legal system. You are authorized to claim reward for late flights when you had to delay on your flight for three hours plus! This occurs a lot extra often than one might assume.

Why the flight cancelled?

Cancelled flights are most annoying things to have to deal with as a traveler. Luckily it doesn’t occur all the time, but once it does, those three letter airport codes make us want to use some four letter words! It’s significant to think of that flights are only ever cancelled when it’s in the best concern of the travelers, and when this occurs, most airlines will usually have organized. It can be even more annoying when there’s no clear cause for the termination, but there is all the time a cause. It will most usually be one of the causes below.


  • Inclement Weather
  • Security
  • Mechanical Issues
  • Computer Glitch
  • Missing Aircraft
  • Missing Crew
  • To Save More Widespread Cancellations

How much can you claim?

Have you at any time practice flight delay, deletion or in the occasion you are denied boarding? Unfortunately, this occurs often and many travelers are not attentive of their rights. According to the rules and Regulation you are allowed to recompense from your airline if the postponement at your final target is up to three hours or more. Air passengers eligible under EC 261 must be paid up to 600 € in compensation for flight delays depending on the distance of the flight schedule. In order to be entitled to payment, the following conditions must be meet:


  • Claim must be associated to 2012 flight and above.
  • Your flight essential has departed from an EU country.
  • You reach your final target with additional than 3 hours’ delay.
  • For delays of 3 hours or more you are entitled to a cash payment of €250 (£230) for short flights and €400 (£365) for a flight distance of 1,500-3,500km. For flights of above 3,500km €300 (£275) for a delay of 3 to 4 hours; €600 (£550) for further than four hours