UK Business Visitor Visa

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Visa for Business Visitor to UK to conduct business activities

If you are planning to visit the UK to conduct business-related activities, apply for either a Standard Visitor or UK Business Visitor visa.

We are experts in handling UK Standard Visitor and Business Visitor visa applications. If instructed, we will complete all work necessary to submit the application for approval by the Home Office UKVI.

MCR Solicitors, a UK immigration lawyer, will assess your eligibility for a Standard Visitor or Business Visitor visa. We will take into account all relevant information, including your immigration history.

We can help you determine the likelihood of your application being approved, especially if you have a negative immigration or personal history.

What is a Business Visitor Visa in the UK?

Apply for Business Visa UK

The Business Visitor visa was replaced by the Standard Visitor visa. If you are planning to visit the UK temporarily (up to 6 months) for business-related reasons, you can apply for the Standard Visitor visa.

The Entry Clearance Officer (ECO), who reviews visitor visa applications, must be satisfied that the applicant has strong financial, family and social ties to the country where he is visiting.

If you are visiting the UK to conduct business-related activities, you can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa

UK Business Visitor visa requirements
To be eligible to travel to the UK, you must first meet these basic requirements.
- You'll be leaving the UK at the conclusion of your visit
- You can support yourself and your dependents on your trip. Or, you have the funding to help you.
- You can pay for your return and onward journey or have funding from another source.
- You won't live in the UK for long periods of time through frequent or consecutive visits or make the UK your primary residence.
What documents are needed for a UK Business Visitor visa application
You must prove that you are a legitimate visitor to the UK in order to visit the UK with a Family Visitor Visa. A valid passport or travel document must be available for your entire stay in the UK. Your passport must have a blank page for the Standard Visitor visa.

In order to submit your online application, you will need to enter the following information:

  • The dates that you are planning to travel to UK
  • Where you will be staying during your stay
  • How much do you estimate your trip will cost?
  • Your current address and the length of time you have lived there
  • If possible, the names and dates of your parents’ births
  • How much you make in a year (if there is an income)
  • Details of any criminal, civil, or immigration offenses you may have committed

What is the processing time for UK Business Visitor visas?

After you have submitted your documents and applied online for the UK Business Visitor Visa, it takes approximately 3 weeks to process your application.

The complexity of your case or additional enquiries may mean that it takes longer for the Home Office’s decision to make your application.

How can we help with your UK visa application?

As part of our immigration services for your immigration application, our expert immigration lawyer will:

  • Consider your personal circumstances to determine if you are eligible for the visa type that is right for you.
  • We will advise you about the supporting documents that must be submitted to support your immigration application.
  • To ensure that all documents are in compliance with the Immigration Rules, you must carefully review them.
  • We will advise you about your strengths and weaknesses and, if necessary, how to overcome them.
  • To share the online application for immigration drafts with you, please complete it.
  • Submit your application online, and make your appointments for biometrics with the UKVI’s commercial partner.
  • To ensure that your application for a visa is granted, prepare a cover letter explaining how you meet all requirements of the Immigration Rules.
  • Upload all supporting documents online to support the immigration application in the correct order and format.
  • Responding to and dealing with any correspondence or caseworker inquiries from the Home Office for further documents or information regarding your pending immigrant application.
  • Do all of the follow-up work for your immigration application until you receive a decision from the Home Office UKVI.

Our fee for Business Visitor visa application

Our UK visa lawyer can assist you with your Business Visitor visa applications. He will assess your eligibility and advise you on the documents that should be submitted to support the application.

Do you require legal assistance?

If you have questions about any UK immigration matter, or need legal assistance, please contact MCR Solicitors. MCR Solicitors specializes in a variety of UK visas. Our principal immigration lawyer has a wealth of experience and the expertise to handle all types of UK immigration applications. His experience includes complex cases, high-profile representations and representing clients in immigration matters.


One-time, free general legal advice can be provided via chat or the “Enquiry form”. This advice is not for advice on complex legal issues, or documents that must be submitted to support the application. To receive detailed legal advice, please use our “Appointment Request Formula” to schedule an appointment in person, Zoom, Skype, or by phone.



As a result of successful entry clearance for sole representative visa UK, you will be granted UK visa as a sole representative of an overseas business for 3 years with an option to extend it for further 2 years to be eligible for ILR after 5 years.


Leave to enter or remain under this route is subject to the following conditions:

  • no recourse to public funds;
  • must register with the police, if required by paragraph 326 of the Immigration Rules;
  • work only as a representative for the business which they have been admitted to represent;
  • study (with no limit on the number of study hours if it doesn’t interfere with the job they have been sponsored to do).

You can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) as a sole representative by completing an online application form.